Dastarkhwan- Authentic Indian Cuisine

Experience culinary grandeur with an explicit Dastarkhwan menu!

What is more royal than an authentic Indian Mughal culinary feast that is as sinful as delectable. Our master chefs blend the prophecies of ancient Indian chefs and contemporize them with the blend of perfect spices.

At Masterscaterer, the Khansama offers you a range of Kashmiri, Mughlai , Hyderabadi and other Indian specialities. We treat you like a king, like you are only one in the universe and offer a splendid feast of Awadh Nihari, Tabak Maaz, Murgh Jahangiri, Dhaniwal Korma or flavours of the Malabar like Kappa Biryani or Porotta.

An extravagant culinary indulgence amidst a perfect setting is set to make the red-letter days of your life memorable with us. Be it hors d’oeuvre, main course or desserts, we serve the best of recipes made with the highest quality ingredients.